Sujet : [Boosters] MyNBA 2K22 Hack VC link cheats 2022 iphone android

[Boosters] MyNBA 2K22 Hack VC link cheats 2022 iphone android


NBA 2K22 game is a real treasure among basketball-themed video games, especially on mobile platforms. All of us want to have the best and most successful team in this game, and MyTeam mode can enable you exactly that. However, you won’t be able to advance and build a strong team without some currencies in this game. That is why you will want to stack as many Locker Codes as possible so you can boost the team and be the best.

In order to shine bright in the MyTeam mode of the NBA 2K22 then you will want to always keep an eye for new Locker Codes. When you enter these into your game you can get some great rewards, including packs, tokens, players, MT, and sometimes even VC. All these nice rewards can help you upgrade your team in order to build an unstoppable team that will rule the leaderboards. Each week, you can find new Locker Codes available on the 2K sports but those don’t come often.

Locker Codes for the NBA 2K22 is text-based codes that you can enter into the game and get plenty of rewards. Each week new Locker Codes are released bringing plenty of prizes, and this is a perfect way to redeem some prizes without spending the real money.  Take your codes here:

NBA 2K22 Newest Locker Codes Generator


How to Redeem NBA 2K22 Locker Codes
NBA Locker Codes 2K22 can easily be redeemed through the game. Once you open the game, go to the MyTeam menu. From there, select Home, then go to MyTeam Community Hub and finally click on Locker Code. Once there, enter the last available Locker Code you have and then Drop the Ball. Another option is to choose your card to unlock the reward hiding behind the code.

Another option is when you play the MyCareer mode. There you can enter Locker Codes from the City or Neighborhood menu. Simply push the Options button, got to options/Quit and to Locker Codes. The rest is the same, enter the Code you have and unlock the rewards.

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Once you redeem your Locker Codes and valuable prizes behind them, you can freely use them to upgrade your team and be the best in the NBA. However, if you need more resources than the codes can get you, feel free to use our VC generator to get the currency you need for all the upgrades and gear.