Sujet : *Cheats* Mega Tower Hack mod apk redeem codes 2022 free money

*Cheats* Mega Tower Hack mod apk redeem codes 2022 free money


MOD - Unlimited money

MOD Features (extra bonus)
- One Shot Kill
- Unlimited Ammo
- Max Bullet Speed
- Rapid Fire
- Stun Enemies Forever
- Max Range
- Instant Reload
- Max Explosion
- Instant Rotate
- No Spread

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Mega Tower Hack (MOD, (extra bonus)) is a new arcade game with unique gameplay. The game is set on a futuristic planet with fierce battles to protect your planet. Your mission in this defense strategy game is to defend your tower from enemy attacks with your high-quality arsenal. Build your own grand tower and conquer extrasolar planets to take control of this planet.

In this new version, you will get a more optimized experience with smooth gameplay and top-notch graphics. Players will no longer feel bored or annoyed with some technical problems because Mega Tower has corrected and fixed those errors. Besides, the game also has many attractive play contexts for players to have new and more exciting discoveries. Start enjoying and participating in the significant challenges of the game right now!

You will transform into a true explorer and come to a terrestrial planet in the year 3038 to conquer it. There, you will build yourself a large tower in the center and train your army to fight the forces that destroy you at any time. In Mega Tower, your giant building will be attacked by Bezos’ expedition, and you need to defend with all your strength and have innovative tactics to be able to defeat them and take control of the planet. With a straightforward control system, players will quickly attack enemies with just a few taps. You just need to click on the enemy to destroy, and the system will automatically attack with available weapons.

Building the tower in the center of the planet marks your sovereignty, but when the Bezos expedition comes to attack, you need to match those towers in a unique layout. Free Mega Tower has many tower layouts for you to choose from and use for each battle. Each tower layout will have its own advantages, so you need to make the most of it to destroy the enemy and win ultimately, and collect for yourself great rewards and many money to buy weapons. Around the tower, troops will fight to protect from the onslaught of the expedition.

Like other games, Mega Tower has many levels for players to join and explore battles against Bezos. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually, so you need to try to counter the enemy quickly and upgrade your weapons. You can buy defense towers from the game’s arsenal to use and increase destructive power more than fighting with regular weapons. The price of the weapons is not high, so you only need to win a few matches to accumulate enough coins to buy them.

The model of the towers in the game will also change with each level to match the difficulty that the player can complete. In addition, the deployment of towers will also give players a lot of complex challenges for them to try and practice their combat skills and masterful control for themselves.