Sujet : SURVPUNK Hack Crystals Codes Extreme Mod

SURVPUNK Hack Crystals Codes Extreme Mod


- add unlimited crystals

SURVPUNK – Epic war strategy in wasteland Hack MOD Apk Android 2021 Apk for Free for Android Full version and SURVPUNK – Epic war strategy in wasteland Apk Android 2021 Apk MOD available here.
Do you like strategy games with ccg elements? In that game you feel yourself like real stalker, surviving in the harsh world of the apocalypse and battle with dangerous monsters and mutants.SURVPUNK is a military strategy with elements of a collectible card game in apocalyptic setting, where you have to assemble an epic army of survivors to defend the last stronghold of humanity from attacks by mutants and cultists. The core gameplay is based on unique battles with enemies, each of which requires an individual approach to selecting a fighting squad. Build your battle strategy, and combine warriors from different factions and battle cards to inflict the heaviest damage on your enemies! Explore new locations and sweep the earth of mutants and adepts of the mysterious organization "Cult".SURVPUNK game is:- A gripping post-apocalyptic world with a non-trivial plot. Explore vast lands and survive in the vast wasteland!- A unique combination of military and card strategy;- Three allied battle factions with a variety of units: Peacemakers, Nomads, and Solars. Each faction warrior has its own type of damage and can be upgraded. Assemble your own army to fight back against the toughest enemies!- Interesting and exciting battles with hostile factions and epic bosses. Build battle tactics depending on the type of enemies and use a variety of strategies to win;- Ability to play online and offline without internet.Upgrade your own army and conquer the endless wasteland!